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8 Non-Negotiable Keys for Cash Practice Success

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This free online training will provide you with ACTIONABLE steps, strategies, and tools to create and grow your own successful cash-based practice. I will teach you the 8 strategies that have been the most impactful and business-producing for my cash practice and hundreds of others. If you are looking to open or grow a cash-based practice or transition a current practice out of network, this is must-know information.

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Specifically, you will learn:

  • "Make or Break" Mindset – find out if you have subconscious roadblocks that could keep you spinning your wheels even with perfect execution of everything below. 
  • A simple method to easily add 5 or even 6 $figures to your revenue by minimizing patient schedule drop-offs. 
  • How to answer the “Do you take my insurance?” question with confidence and convert huge percentages to cash-pay customers. 
  • The 3 components that turned my clinic's website into my biggest business producer ... on autopilot. 
  • Marketing Foundations - keys to identifying and describing your ideal customer, and how to incorporate that into your marketing. 
  •  How to capitalize on your lowest hanging fruit by maximizing word-of-mouth referrals and stellar online reviews.  
  • How to give $5-figure presentations/workshops that continue to produce business for years.  
  • Online Marketing's dirty secret: Most website "lead magnets" don't work unless you do this.  

About Jarod Carter PT, DPT, MTC

Jarod Carter opened his successful cash-based practice in early 2010 and filled his schedule within six months. Since then, Jarod has helped guide hundred of his healthcare colleagues to create or transition to the cash-based/out-of-network.

In the fall of 2011, he released his first book, My Cash-Based Practice, and began blogging, podcasting, and speaking on all aspects of the out-of-network practice model on his website DrJarodCarter.com. His second book Medicare and Cash-Pay Physical Therapy was released in 2015. His podcast, The Cash-Based Practice Podcast, has over 350,000 downloads. In 2019, Jarod released The Cash-Based Freedom e-course, which guides students in the creation of a 12-month, customized action plan towards their dream practice.

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